Casualty Series 32 Episode 22

This week on Casualty

Alicia takes matters into her own hands when queuing ambulances put patients in danger, while new F1, Bea, gets a rude awakening on her first day.

Alicia is horrified when Ethan tows the management line, stating no more locums or nurses will be made available, and when his decisions result in a serious case of sepsis being missed, and breaks the rules to get the patient – an injured chef – into resus.

The hospital is at capacity, and a queue of ambulances laden with deteriorating patients is only making matters worse.

New Chief Operating Officer Avis Baxter arrives to find Holby City Hospital in chaos.

Meanwhile, eager new F1, Bea Kinsella, faces a trial by fire in the Emergency Department after offloading her ‘uninteresting’ patients on to Rash, her  old medical school pal, and Charlie’s plans to wine and dine Duffy on their anniversary fall short of the mark.

(Photo Credit BBC / Alistair Heap)

This Episode Airs 3rd February 20:20 on BBC One

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