This week in Shieldinch…

Stevie finds himself at risk of being exposed for sending Scarlett to prison; Annie makes a surprising discovery while Lydia plays with fire; and Angus finds himself growing ever closer to Frankie.

Madonna sets about creating a ‘Free The Shieldinch One’ campaign to free Scarlett from prison but Stevie won’t entertain the idea, fearing his lies will be exposed.

Desperate to keep his mother behind bars, Stevie visits Theresa in jail to get her backing. However, Theresa has her own agenda and attempts to blackmail her nephew into bringing drugs into jail. When Stevie refuses to bite, Theresa uses Scarlett’s situation to her own advantage manipulating both her nephew and sister, leaving Madonna heart-broken.

Annie discovers she’s pregnant but chooses to keep the news from Alex, unsure about how she feels carrying a Murdoch baby. When Annie clocks suspicious behaviour between Alex, Frankie and Jules she learns that Jules knows the truth about Rick’s demise. Worse still, Alex and Lenny threatened the friends and Jules suspects they’re behind the sudden disappearance of her sister, Shelley.

Annie confronts Alex who defends his actions, much to his wife’s horror. Later, Annie confides in Lydia who takes matters into her own hands with potentially dangerous consequences.

Elsewhere, Frankie and Angus grow closer. However, their age gap proves to be a source of great humour for Bob and Lou who tease Angus about his young girlfriend. And when Lou oversteps the mark, she threatens to scupper Shieldinch’s latest romance once and for all.

Tuesday 20 March
BBC One Scotland HD, 8.00 – 9.00pm

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