Here are the official snippets released for the big 4 soaps covering 14th May-18th May


14th May
Bernice’s suspicions are aroused. Vanessa is plunged into chaos. Gerry exposes a secret plan.

15th May
Laurel feels isolated. The Spencers make a painful choice. Doug uses his initiative.

16th May
Doug makes a startling discovery. Chas and Paddy make a pact. Amelia gets emotional.

17th May Episode 1
Aaron faces a tense reunion. Cain is unnerved by an interrogation. Misty stages an intervention.

17th May Episode 2
Chas and Paddy celebrate their engagement. Moira demands answers.

18th May
The police descend on the village. The community reels at devastating news. Ross’s true intentions become clear.

Coronation Street

14th May Episode 1
The Connors visit Aidan’s flat to sort his belongings. Gail hints to Emma that she should move out. Adam orders Daniel to get rid of Flora.

14th May Episode 2
Johnny opens a letter from Aidan. David frets when Shona admits to confronting Josh. Adam shares his feelings with Flora.

16th May Episode 1
Michelle divulges the contents of Aidan’s will. Zeedan convinces Yasmeen to take her own advice. Summer’s initiative wins approval.

16th May Episode 2
Johnny takes out his grief on well-meaning Jenny. Flora thwarts Sinead’s plans. Shona hunts for evidence against Josh.

18th May Episode 1
Zeedan acts on his suspicions of Kate. Kevin and Tyrone interview Abi for a mechanic’s job. Liz quizzes Ali about his deception.

18th May Episode 2
Trouble follows Kate and Rana home. Tyrone has a change of heart. Steve and Tim welcome Eileen back to Street Cars.


14th May
Cleo and Joel’s relationship has already hit a bump, but could a conversation with James help Joel resolve things? Dirk is caught in a trap set up by Milo, Damon is trying to win Holly back, and somebody continues to watch Sienna.

15th May
Zack overhears some sensitive business information from Glenn and Adam – could he reveal their real job titles? Sienna is panicking as the clock counts down and later receives a knock at the door.

16th May
Everybody is in high spirits at The Dog. Goldie and Myra have decided to give up alcohol, but is all as it seems? Sienna is mentioned in conversation, but Cleo is not pleased.

17th May
Glenn and Adam know Zack has some information on them and come up with a plan to stop him breathing a word, but is it enough or could it be too late? And Tom is concerned about Alfie’s behaviour when he makes a grand gesture.

18th May
Glenn is giving Grace a hard time, telling her to pull herself together. He continues to put her down, but it’s one step too far when Grace is reduced to tears. Could this be enough for Grace to call it a day?


14th May
Mo continues with her latest money-making scheme. Hayley’s return does not go down well with the locals. Phil puts pressure on Robbie.

15th May
Hayley stirs up trouble. Halfway makes a confession. Sonia has a proposition for Martin.

17th May
Martin takes a chance only to be knocked back. Carmel and Karen come to blows.

18th May
Martin is left with a big decision. Stacey struggles with recent events. Carmel seeks revenge on Ian.