you won’t like him when hes angry!

Glenn furiously bursts into the flat and orders Maxine and Grace to leave whilst Glenn reveals to Adam there is a ‘grass’ after Jay calls the deal off, he’s going to find out who it is and kill them. Adam tells Maxine and they agree to pack up and leave as soon as. Meanwhile, Glenn believes it is Zack and sets about tracking him down. He breaks into The lovedays flat and gathers some information that suggests Zack might be at the train station.

Alfie gets married ?

Alfie tells Tom about his plan with “you know who” as he is all dressed up but Tom assumes he means Yaz. When Tom tells Alfie he’s happy to see he’s giving Yaz a chance, Alfie isn’t listening and on his laptop. Tom believes everything is fine and tells Yaz that Alfie is planning a surprise for her but when Alfie gets out of the taxi, with a bouquet of flowers; he rushes passed Yaz as if she wasn’t there. Alfie has two wedding rings and has decorated the folly


more trouble for Maxine and Adam 

Maxine tries calling Adam but he declines her call. Adam tries to tell Glenn that he needs to let Maxine know he’s going to be late but Glenn says they don’t have time.

Yas and Alfie grow closer

Yaz tries to offer Alfie support and the voice in Alfie’s head tells him to go along and to be nice to Yaz so that she’ll eventually leave him alone. Later, the voice in Alfie’s head tells him he has super powers and Alfie believes it.

C4 TX 22nd May 2018C4 TX 22nd May 2018(Picture Lime Studios)


Is time up for Mandy and Darren ?

Darren, Mandy, Luke and Nancy make plans for a huge ‘wag’ divorce party. The couples all seem happy and Mandy and Darren talk about just being friends and never anything more again, unaware they’ve been heard!


Darren and Mandy meet at the Osborne’s will they be able to resist each other?

Maxine is on a mission to prove who Glenn really is and begins working alongside DS Roxy. As she heads to Glenn’s office to plant recording devices, Glenn returns…

Tony and Diane are continuously arguing over Dee Dee’s condition and Tony thinks Tegan should know but Diane disagrees. Dee Dee throws her cup and begs them to stop. Later in the hospital, the stress is getting to Diane and Tony still and they begin arguing in front of the doctor and Dee Dee.



Scott is with Dee Dee as Tony and Diane wait for news.. Tony tries to make a milkshake for Dee Dee but ends up electrocuting himself in the process and cutting the electrics in The Hutch.

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