Monday Aaron/Robert no Liv
Tuesday Aaron/Robert no Liv
Wednesday no Aaron/Robert/Liv
Thursday 1 Aaron/Robert no Liv
Thursday 2 Aaron/Robert no Liv
Friday Aaron/Robert no Liv

Monday Charity no Vanessa
Tuesday no Charity/Vanessa
Wednesday no Charity/Vanessa
Thursday 1 no Charity/Vanessa
Thursday 2 Charity no Vanessa
Friday Charity no Vanessa

Monday-Friday No Cain/Moira

Monday-Friday No Harriet

Monday-Friday Ross in every episode

Coronation Street

Monday Kate and Rana

Wednesday 1 Rana and Kate
Wednesday 2 Rana and Kate

Friday 1 Kate no Rana
Friday 2 Kate no Rana

By Eastieoaks

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