This episode has been the talk on a lot on social media over the last few weeks as a big episode and as it contains one of my favorite soap characters I was looking forward to it until I saw it.

Emma Atkins and Michelle Hardwick give incredible performances as Charity and Vanity I would love to say the same about Mica Proctor but can’t really she is underused and feels like a spare part despite who she is playing.

Mica barely has any dialogue in this and most of her scenes are narrated by Emma. This episode also feels way too rushed and should in my view have been an hour nothing really happens until the 2nd part of the episode by which time it feels like it skips along and rushes towards the end. I know this episode is 1 of a much bigger story but this key episode feels lacking on so many fronts, 1 of which isn’t the ending which gives viewers a key reveal to keep the story moving forward.

charity(Picture ITV)

This episode airs Tuesday 29th May on ITV at 7pm

By Eastieoaks

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