Eilieen looks to the future next week following the death of Pat Phelan when she and Fiz meet for a drink where they compare lunatic husbands. While Gary’s shocked when Nicola reveals she’s moving to Bristol with Zack and assures Gary he’s welcome to visit Zack in Bristol whenever he wants.

After a bottle of wine with Fiz, Eileen announces she’s going with Nicola.

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On Wednesday she is given a fond farewell and Eileen tells Seb he’ll have to find somewhere else to live as she’s renting the house out and moving to Bristol. Steve and Tim throw a leaving party in the cab office.

Later sensing that Seb hasn’t anywhere to live, Eileen tells him he can stay at No.11 until she finds a tenant. But as soon as Eileen and Nicola have gone Abi invites herself to stay. And when the letting agent calls at No.11, Seb’s shocked as his mum masquerades as Eileen and tells them the house is no longer available for rent. Abi admits she’s been kipping at the garage. Will Seb agree to let her stay?


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