A Volatile young boxer is forced to put her promising career on hold after an eruption of fists and temper lands her in jail, as the multi-award-winning Australian prison drama continues.

Rising Australian star Rarriwuy Hick joins the regular Wentworth cast as Ruby Mitchell, who is transferred to H Block for assault and resisting arrest after being ambushed in a prison fight club.

Charismatic, audacious and funny, Ruby has a quick wit that wins her friends easily, but she rarely lets anyone get too close due to a deep-set rejection that still haunts her to this day. Subject to intense bouts of uncontroll- able anger, hot-headed Ruby is a ticking time-bomb and her own worst enemy.

Elsewhere in the prison, Sonia returns after her brush with near-death. She is hell-bent on revenge against her poisoner and Liz is now living in constant fear. Plus, Jake relinquishes his threat against Vera, and faces tragic consequences.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Franky uncovers evidence to prove her innocence, but the police net is tightening…

(All Photos are credit Channel5/Fremantle)

This Episode airs on the 30th June on 5Star