A week of drama for the female Dingle residents.


On Monday, Chas discusses her fears with the consultant but is confused when they mention organ donation. She’s left upset to realise Paddy’s been considering it. Chas tries to cover her hurt but breaks down and reveals to Cain that her baby isn’t going to live.

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A stunned Cain tries to process the news. When Chas explains how Paddy went behind her back about organ donation, Cain tries to see things from Paddy’s perspective but he’s left worried to realise Chas is hoping for a miracle. Chas fights back the tears as she explains to Cain she can’t marry Paddy. How will Paddy react? 


Debbie’s crushed when the doctor explains Sarah will have to stay in hospital until she’s had her transplant.


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Charity’s anxious when Irene arrives wanting to talk. Irene confronts Charity about the letter she sent to Ryan and asks her to leave him alone. A desperate Charity promises she won’t let Ryan down again but will Irene listen?

Also this week:

Megan’s shocked when Graham reveals that Frank found the pregnancy test. She reveals it was negative, to Graham’s relief

Megan’s blood runs cold when Charity reveals that she knows about her and Graham 

Moira rushes to visit Matty but it’s clear he doesn’t want her there.

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 9th July

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