But before they head to the hospital there is plenty of drama

On Tuesday, Ellie and Sami are bickering over baby names, they agree to let Marnie pick a name out of a hat…but while Marnie and Ellie are dealing with a delivery Sami doctors the names to be his preferred name this leaves Ellie annoyed with Sami and takes it out on Zack when in Price Slice.

With just a day until her scan, Ellie is preparing a baby photo backdrop for her and Sami at The Maaliks so they can announce the news as soon as they’ve had the scan.

Ellie is excited about the scan, but Sami distracted and running late, he tells Ellie he’ll meet her at the hospital.

SAMI ELLIE 2.png(Picture Lime Pictures)

will Sami get to the hospital on time and what news awaits Ellie after her scan?


By Eastieoaks

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