Once a year Hollyoaks goes abroad last year was Ibiza and this year promises fun when the Mcqueen clan hit the popular resort Magaluf and bring their usual mix of comedy to the trip.

What was your favourite #Magalufoaks moment?

My favourite moment of filming abroad must have been when all the girls filmed the scene where we walked down the Magaluf strip, it was honestly hilarious.

Why was Goldie so determined to take her brother to Magaluf?

Goldie was so determined to take Sylver because it would be their first holiday together since he’s been out of prison, and she thinks her bro deserves a break.

What was the best thing about filming a hen do?

Oh so much! I especially loved filming in hen do clothes it was so much fun, we all looked fabulous.

Does Goldie approve of Russ?

Goldie isn’t so sure about Russ, as she’s heard all the wild stories from the past, but I can tell she fancies him, I mean who wouldn’t?

What kind of mischief does Goldie get up to?

Goldie gets up to so much mischief with Myra, trying to set Russ up! Getting too drunk and having a wee behind a bin!

How did Goldie feel when she first saw Mercedes?

Goldie was absolutely buzzing to see Mercedes, another crazy McQueen to add to the house, we all can’t wait.

How close is Goldie with her family?

Goldie’s really close with her family, she’s finally got her brother back and she has her precious boys, but it’s great to have the girls.

Catch Hollyoaks in Magaluf Monday 13th August on Channel 4


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