In next weeks’ episodes, we will that Victoria is beginning very jealous of Matty trying to move on. However when Matty is seen showing photos of Abby (the girl he’s been seeing) Victoria’s jealous starts to bubble over.

But when Matty admits that he’s scared to tell Abby about him being transgender this leads to seeing a chuffed Victoria upon Matty asking her to pend his birthday with him.


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However, Matty then receives a text from Abby about wanting to meet up with him the next day. He then texts Victoria telling her about the change in plans but then gets distracted.

The next day when Victoria is seen asking Charity and Marlon for the day off she later tries to hide her disappointment as Matty meets up with Abby. But as Matty and Victoria grow closer which leads to a kiss for the pair, a grumpy and fed-up Victoria looks away.

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Unaware with Matty rubbing salt into Victoria’s wound, Matty tells Victoria that he is going to tell Abby about him being trans. Later when Victoria finds Abby crying she assumes that Matty has told her and lashes out at her for not understanding.

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But Victoria is left feeling mortified when she realises that Matty hasn’t told her after all. Leaving Matty devastated! Will he be able to forgive Victoria?

By Kellie

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