This week sees the return of Sienna Blake back in the village fresh from prison after killing her daugher and she is reformed.. or so she says.

After what seems like forever Darren and Mandy’s affair becomes public. Darren won’t give up without a fight and after falling in love with his wife all over again in the past few weeks, he knows who he wants to be with.

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They break the news to their kids and Darren takes all the blame. A moment of comfort leads to a kiss… will they be able to salvage their love?

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A reformed Sienna Blake even has a new career goal… to become a teacher. However, putting her past behind her may be harder than she thought. She is greeted outside court by former enemy Nancy, who pulls in a favour to get revenge on her cheating husband…

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Hollyoaks continues at 6:30pm on Channel 4 and at 7pm on E4

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