1. Ross and Rebecca start breaking the news they are leaving the village. They prepare to tell Charity and Robert but their attempts are thwarted. But soon Robert overhears a conversation about their plans and doesn’t like what he’s heard.

2. Cain tries to hide his guilt but Moira tells him if he can’t tell Debbie whatever the truth is, then he will have to leave rather than sending Debbie away. When an angry Moira presses him further regarding Joe, Cain makes the horrifying admission leaving Moira utterly stunned.

3. Rishi airs his worries about going to the next level with Manpreet but Nicola has a suggestion for him.

4. As the bad feeling grows, Rebecca suggests to Ross that they wait a few months.

5. Ross is upset but prepares to go alone, he says some emotional goodbyes. Will he really leave alone?

6. A troubled Moira confronts Graham seeking assurance they can trust him not to ever tell Debbie. She’s pained to learn Joe was coming back for Debbie. Moira then hears the voicemail where Joe told Graham he loves Debbie.




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