Sinead is settling back into village life much to the behest of Tony who thinks she is outstaying her welcome, Liam continues to watch the WAGs and can Farrah and Grace make a go of a relationship?

Following Kim’s departure, Farrah is trying to get on with life and after Farrah encourages Cleo to eat out. Farrah must keep up her end of the deal and ask Grace out.

Liam breaks into Maxine’s flat. He interrogates her about transferring money to Kim. Grace barges in before Maxine can admit anything and tells him to back off.

The WAGS skype call Kim to talk some sense into Maxine. Grace records Kim admitting the plan and threatens all the WAGs not to say anything, or they’ll all go down.

Liam brings Iona to Courtney and blackmails her, either she tells him who killed Glenn or he will take Iona away. She agrees to tell him everything…

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Tony has had enough as Sinead has outstayed her welcome. Everyone welcomes back Dee Dee, and Sinead misses Hannah.

Sinead tells Ste and Diane that she is picking Hannah up from the airport today. She asks Sami for a favour, and he gives her a lift. Sinead is running to the car with Hannah… has she abducted her?

She makes up an excuse to Sami, and they end up getting passionate at the back of his car.

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Martine tells Louis she’s moving to the village, and its time they start living together as man and wife. He needs to find a way to tell Leela.

Martine overhears a loving moment between Louis and Leela and is furious that he’s been lying. She plans to out her cheating husband by ordering flowers to Leela’s house, with a card addressed to her ‘yogi bear’.

Leela regards the flowers sent by Martine as a condolence for Tegan, and Louis manages to rip up the card before being seen.

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