Liam was determined that the WAGs should pay for Glenn’s death after finding out that Kim was NOT the person responsible and blackmailed Courtney for the truth in exchange for signing over custody of Iona.

Courtney didn’t wish to lose her daughter again and told Glenn that Simone was the killer, she desperately called Grace and Maxine for help, telling them she’s done something terrible. No one answered so she turned her attention to DS Roxy….

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Meanwhile, Simone was busy managing her public profile by hosting a press conference in regards to the ‘revenge porn’ leaked by Glenn. Liam turns up to the press day, and confronts her before her big speech, accusing her of being the true murderer.

As Simone greeted the press, Liam was lurking in the background. Liam said how much of a coincidence it is that the man who leaked her sex tape is now dead. After everyone left he grabbed Simone and threw her in his car, and she was hurt to discover his source was Courtney.

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DS Roxy turned up just in time to save Simone. The kidnapping gave DS Roxy a warrant to search his car, and she conveniently found an empty vial of poison which resulted in Liam’s arrest for the murder of Glenn Donovan.

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