BBC Scotland has announced the three new personalities that will be the voice of its new channel for Scotland.

Jennie Cook, George Taylor and Dominic Main were the successful candidates following a competitive interview process, which attracted hundreds of applicants following a recruitment campaign driven through social media.

AP2_1512.jpg(Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

Jennie Cook:

APS_5155.jpg(Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

The former Capital Breakfast presenter, from Kingussie, studied Contemporary Theatre Practice at the Royal Conservatoire in Glasgow.

The mum of one has over a decade of radio experience and currently hosts a podcast about women called The Snatch.

She lives in the Southside of Glasgow with her husband, Euan.

When asked about joining the BBC, Jennie said: “I’m absolutely over the moon to be one of the voices for the new BBC Scotland channel.

“It’s an exciting time and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it.

“I can’t wait to be the voice welcoming everyone in.

George Taylor:

APS_5264(resize)(Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

The 33-year-old Glaswegian currently works in marketing for The Sunday Times and The Times Scotland.

Still living in the city with his partner, Ryan, George grew up in Partick with his parents and brother, Graham.

He described himself as someone who enjoys good food, the theatre and putting the world to rights in the pub.

George is delighted to be joining the BBC as one of the channel’s new voices. He said: “The launch of the channel is a new chapter in Scottish broadcasting and to play my part is a great honour.”

Dominic Main:

APS_5110.jpg(Image: BBC/Alan Peebles)

Growing up in a small village in Ayrshire, Dominic has always had an interest in pursuing a career in journalism.

Currently, a student in the University of the West of Scotland, he hosts a weekly radio show on UWS Radio – as well as producing short sketches, skits and films.

Dominic still lives in Ayrshire and works part time in a mobile phone shop.

He said: “I’m so excited and slightly nervous to be one of the new voices of BBC Scotland.

“Our creative industry sector is growing bigger and better every day and I’m over the moon to play a small part in that.”


Discussing what the recruitment panel was seeking, Maura Currie, Head of Presentation at BBC Scotland, said it wanted people who had an energy and warmth to their voice.

She said: “We were looking for people who encapsulated the warmth and authenticity that Scottish people are famous for.

“We wanted someone who had a bit of cheekiness and fun in their voice, but could also adapt their tone where and when it was appropriate.

“We have definitely found these qualities in Jennie, George and Dominic and we’re so happy they’re joining us.”

Head of Multiplatform Commissioning, Steve Carson, added that the successful appointments would help to give the channel its own unique identity.

He said: “I’m delighted that Jennie, George and Dominic are going to be the voices of BBC Scotland – a channel that’s all about modern Scotland.

“The new channel is part of the BBC’s single biggest investment in Scotland in a generation and will see hundreds of hours of more content for audiences here.

“Our new announcers will be at the heart of our new service”


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