Monday 11th March Episode 1

MICHELLE MAKES A LIFE-CHANGING DECISION Michelle and Robert excitedly agree to do the pregnancy test together later. Michelle confides in Carla but as the builders have a kick around the football hits Michelle hard in the stomach, she goes to the medical centre to get checked over, is everything ok? The doctor does a pregnancy test which is negative.

THERE’S NO ENTENTE CORDIALE FOR TYRONE & EVELYN Evelyn tries to sneak back into number 9 but finds a furious Tyrone in wait angry at the worry she has put him through.

DAVID GETS AN UNWANTED SALON JUNIOR In the barber’s, David’s snowed under with appointments and with Andrea gone, doesn’t know how he’ll cope on his own. Nick assures him he’ll sort it. Gail calls at the barber’s and insists on lending a hand. David smells a rat.

ELSEWHERE In the cafe, Jan flirts with Eileen and suggests he joins her in the Rovers later. When Lolly announces she’s booked a male strip club for their hen night, Kate and Rana are less than impressed and insist she comes up with something else.

Monday 11th March Episode 2

ROBERT’S LIFE IS SHATTERED Robert is furious when Anton turns up with flowers for Michelle to apologise explaining to Robert what happened. Michelle tells him that she wasn’t pregnant.

EVELYN REGRETS RIEN Tyrone refuses to let Evelyn know he is pleased she is back and tells her to pack her bags. He’s secretly relieved when he gets home and she is still there, as she still owes him 750 euros he spent to get her home he says she can stay until she has paid him back, Evelyn is pleased to have a reason to stay.

DAVID PUTS HIS FOOT DOWN Having Gail around is winding David up so he is furious when Nick lists all Gail’s attributes and says he has given her a job. David walks out refusing to work with her for a minute longer.

ELSEWHERE Jenny awkwardly thanks Liz for sparing her from a prison sentence. Liz suggests that from now on they keep their distance. As Eileen and Jan enjoy each other’s company, Seb storms over and accuses Jan of nicking his job and Eileen of siding with the enemy. Lolly calls a meeting of the hens and suggests she organises a drag queen for the hen do. Kate and Rana aren’t keen but by way of a compromise, agree to a small do at the bistro.

Wednesday 13th March Episode 1

KATE AND RANA ARE PECKED HENS The girls are furious to learn that Lolly ignored their wishes and booked a stripper for the hen do. Desperate to escape Rana leads a blindfolded Kate into the empty factory and reveals the bespoke outfit she has made for her for the wedding. When Lolly sneers at where they have been Rana sends her packing.

EVELYN’S A RELUCTANT RECRUIT Tyrone brings Evelyn to work in the garage office but Kevin is not entirely sure she is cut out for the job when he witnesses her attitude towards the customers.

ELSEWHERE Gail proudly announces she’s found the perfect candidate for the barber vacancy.  The brothers are stunned to see it’s Natalie.

Wednesday 13th March Episode 2

ROBERT IS ON THE WARPATH WITH CARLA Convinced that Carla is stirring things between him and Michelle, Robert barges into Carla on the street and tells her she had better look out.

RANA IS TAKEN BY SURPRISE Lolly is full on the hen night as it moves to the Rovers she overhears Kate laughing at how desperate Lolly is to impress. Lolly confronts Kate then storms into the ladies. A conciliatory Rana follows her to try and smooth things over.

TYRONE ADMITS HE’S MISSED EVELYN When a customer at the garage refuses to pay up Evelyn presents him with a pair of lacy knickers she found whilst valeting the car and he pays his full bill, Tyrone and Kevin realises she may be useful after all.

ELSEWHERE Natalie tells Nick if he can’t give her a job, he must buy her silence again. Nick insists he has no more money but Natalie vows to return next week. A dejected Gary returns home to No.8 after failing to secure any new work. Gary explains to Sarah he’s banking on Carla giving him the factory roof job.

Friday 15th March

CARLA’S PROBLEMS ARE THROUGH THE ROOF With the barber’s up and running, Nick returns to the factory. Carla’s irritated by his presence, wanting to keep her outsourcing plans from him. Nick’s suspicious and with Carla out of the office he starts going through the accounts. Managing to get what he needs out of Beth he confronts Carla about her intention to outsource production. Nick storms onto the factory floor and announces Carla’s plans to the workforce. As they instantly fear for their jobs, Carla feels all eyes on her. With the workforce feeling betrayed Carla reveals to Nick that the roof needs replacing but she can’t afford to shut down the factory. Nick rails at her for trying to cut him out whilst unbeknownst to them a drunken Robert listens from his balcony. As the workers berate Carla, Peter tries to step in but Carla rounds on him blaming him for saddling her with Nick as a partner. A stressed Nick informs David that Carla’s trying to cut him out of the factory, where all his money is tied up, and he’d be better off if it burned down. The disgruntled Underworld staff decide to fight dirty with Carla. Carla finds her car window smashed with a brick, and Robert lurking nearby.

LOLLY DOES HER WORST Rana tells Kate she doesn’t want Lolly at the wedding. Kate agrees to face Lolly and tell her. Lolly meets Kate and Rana in Speed Daal. When Kate reveals she’s no longer invited to the wedding, a scorned Lolly accuses Rana of making a pass at her. Rana’s furious. As Lolly continues to accuse Rana of fancying her, a row erupts in Speed Daal. Lolly’s stunned when Kate announces she doesn’t believe a word. Lolly flirts with Craig, charming him into letting her inside Kate and Rana’s flat.

PETER DECIDES TO SAIL ON Simon encourages Peter to persist with his sailing ambitions but Peter’s still unsure. Ken compiles a list of pros and cons for Peter’s sailing adventure. Peter’s taken aback to see Carla’s name under both headings. Ken urges him to decide once and for all if there’s any future with her. Peter’s pensive.

GARY IS IN THE MONEY When Gary claims he’s got more work lined up, Jan’s pleased while a watching Seb seethes. As Gary pulls out a wad of cash, claiming he was paid upfront for a job, Sarah’s pleased. Eileen assures a downcast Seb that his fortunes will turn around soon. Seb blames
Gary for sacking him and eyes him with contempt as he flashes his cash in the Rovers. Seb storms out, vowing to teach Gary a lesson. Carla’s dismisses Gary when he chases payment for his recent work. Gary and Sarah head home, watched by a vengeful Seb.

ELSEWHERE A drunken Robert refuses to give Michelle the details of a wedding they have booked for tomorrow. Johnny throws him out of the pub.

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