Holby City spoilers: ‘Running’

Series 21 Episode 13 ‘Running’

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Ange follows a hunch and ends up uncovering a shocking and long buried secret – one with the potential to tear her life completely apart.

(Picture BBC)

A downbeat Frieda faces tough choices when an old friend of Roman’s appears in Holby in desperate need of help. Can she manage to work within the system and play by the rules?

(Picture: BBC)

Cameron and Xavier are forced together on Darwin, where Xavier appears to take delight in Cameron’s dating woes.

(Picture: BBC)


Olga Fedorí – Frieda Petrenko
Dawn Steele – Ange Godard
Belinda Owusu – Nicky Mckendrick
Nic Jackman – Cameron Dunn
Amy Lennox – Chloe Godard
Bob Barrett – Sacha Levy
Kaye Wragg – Essie Di Lucca
David Ames – Dominic Copeland
Marcus Griffiths – Xavier “zav” Duval
Rosie Marcel – Jac Naylor
Alex Walkinshaw – Adrian “fletch” Fletcher
Julia Deakin – Carole Copeland
Camilla Arfwedson – Zosia Self
Marek Wroblewski – Ivan Demko
Idris Debrand – Keir Dempsey

This Episode airs Tuesday 26th March

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