The Durrells continue this Sunday (14th April) with the second episode of the fourth and final series.

Leslie runs into Daphne and admitting seeing her makes him want his own family, agrees to help her out with childcare. The very same day he’s set to look after the baby, however, Leslie offers to host a hunt for a new guest, Colonel Ribbindane, much to Gerry’s disgust.

Desperate to bring in the money now that he’s the man of the family, Leslie cajoles Basil into pretending to be a wild boar when there appears to be a lack of them on the island, whilst Gerry voices strong objections to the hunt and together with Galini tries to sabotage it.

Meanwhile, confused over his feelings, Basil declares his love for Louisa, even going as far as buying her a bridge and Margo moves in with Theo in an attempt to fly the nest.

The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco continues on Friday (26th April) after taking a break back in August 2018.

When a bloodied and battered stranger collapses on Millie and Jean’s doorstep, they are dragged into a world of clandestine factions designed to conceal illegal motives. As mysterious attacks escalate to land Edward in critical condition, the women race to identify the men responsible and end the violence.

Also continuing this Sunday is the new series of Victoria.

Victoria and Albert are still at loggerheads after their return from Osborne. Victoria ignores a letter from Skerrett, who has left service. Albert intends to depart for Cambridge, having been invited to be Chancellor of the University. A reception for foreign diplomats is interrupted by the news of a cholera outbreak in Soho. The eccentric Dr. Snow visits the poor, determined to find the cause of the disease. Skerrett and Francatelli prepare to open their hotel. Victoria calls for Albert to stay behind but Albert is determined to leave; scientific reform of education is evidently what the country needs. Bogus theories about the cause of the disease are presented to the Queen, who feels powerless as her people die. Feodora uses the distance between the couple to better her standing. In Cambridge, Albert’s ideas are rebuked by traditionalists and Powis decides to stand against him; there will be a vote. Skerrett discovers she is pregnant and buys a tonic for morning sickness from Mrs Arbuthnot’s apothecary.

Victoria decides to visit a hospital with Palmerston. Sophie engages Joseph to defy her husband’s command to return home from the Palace. At the hospital, Victoria meets a young nurse called Florence Nightingale who tells her the disease cannot be airborne. Victoria summons Snow to the Palace, who has made a breakthrough when Mrs. Arbuthnot dies at her home in Hampstead. Palmerston travels to Cambridge to vote. The Francatellis host an opening dinner with Brodie and Abigail, but Skerrett is unwell. Penge clocks the growing attraction between Sophie and Joseph. Albert wins the vote by a humiliating margin. Snow explains his theory that cholera is transmitted in water to Victoria; Brodie realises that Skerrett may have contracted the disease. Victoria rushes to Skerrett’s side. It is too late and she must say goodbye. Albert returns from Cambridge to find Victoria distraught, and they comfort each other. Skerrett’s letter recommends Abigail to replace her as the Queen’s new dresser.

By Eastieoaks

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