When Kate Oates announced the impossible: Sean Slater was to return to Walford in 2019, many fans including myself could not believe she had managed what so many Executive Producers couldn’t in the past. Robert Kazinsky had agreed to make his way back onto the soap after nearly 13 years away, but why was 2019 the year for Sean Slater to return?
It was like the stars had aligned, the planets had met, The Slaters were all gathered together, characters from EastEnders past were front and centre on the show.

Who would have thought we would have Ruby Allen back on the show at the exact same time as Sean Slater was set to return.
With Ruby being one of Sean’s many, many ex’s – They have a lot of unsettled business since they last laid eyes on each other that rainy night by a taxi.

(Picture: BBC)

Will Sean feel any guilt or remorse towards Ruby after he so heartlessly broke off their engagement back in 2006?
We also have the unfinished business of Jack Branning and his daughter Amy Mitchell, who Sean once thought was his own.
With her mother Roxy dying in 2017, Amy may have many unanswered questions and forgotten memories about her Mother that I’m sure Sean would be more than happy to tell her.

Sean may also still harbour feeling for Roxy as he last saw her being saved by Ronnie in an icy lake. With no knowledge of Roxy and Ronnie passing away a few years ago, there has to be some built up tension there between Sean and Jack, who is now single-handedly bringing up Amy as a Branning. Maybe Sean feels he could do a better job?

We also have that little Slater family secret hanging over Sean and Jean about the death of Brian Slater at the hands of Sean.
With Jean wanting to see her son again one last time, just in case she doesn’t survive her recent cancer diagnosis, will Sean finally admit the truth to his mum about what really happened between him and his father all those years ago when he was just sixteen years old?

Sean Slaters explosive return airs on the 26th April, hopefully, he will be around long enough to answer at least some of these questions posed above.


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