13th May 2019 1st episode
WILL ROY FIND CARLA? Roy returns from Portsmouth and is shocked to see missing posters for Carla. He is filled in by the Connors and he and Johnny go to the hotel where Robert saw her last. They are shocked at the state of her hotel room and when they discover she has left her kidney medication behind they realise the urgency of finding her but don’t know where to start. They return to the street and Roy tells Johnny he will ever forgive himself for throwing Carla out. Carla listens from the shadows. As an exhausted Roy returns home, he’s shocked to find Carla waiting for him in the flat.
STEVE HAS A MONOPOLY ON BAD LUCK With Tracy on his back about finding a place of their own Steve is concerned when Emma points out that local rival cab firm GoLucky  is much cheaper and you can book on an app. Things go from bad to worse with Steve when a pensioner’s lucrative fare to Blackpool doesn’t turn out to be all he hoped.
HAS WEATHERFIELD GOT TALENT? Geoff tells Yasmeen how he plans to do his ‘lady in a box’ act at the Rovers’ talent show. But he’s annoyed when she reveals she’ll be working and he’ll have to find another assistant. Emma tells Geoff she was a huge fan of Paul Daniels and she would love to be his assistant for his ‘lady in a box’ act. Geoff’s delighted.
ELSEWHERE Having discovered that Alina has moved to a new nail bar, Seb tracks her down. Alina’s pleased to see him but clearly nervous that her boss will be angry. Seb offers to put up a shelf giving him an excuse to stick around. Rachel’s unimpressed to see Seb in the nail bar and orders Alina back to her work station.

Monday 13th May 2019 2nd episode
WILL ROY BETRAY CARLA TO SAVE HER? Roy is shocked at the state Carla is in as she explains that everyone is out to get her and she knows Kate is hiding Rana and telling everyone she is dead. Roy begs Carla to go to hospital but she refuses and starts asking after Aidan. What will Roy do?
STEVE MAKES A CONFESSION TO TRACY When Tracy shows Steve some house details he is forced to tell her they are skint and new firm GoLucky are not helping. Tracy insists he make some savings.
DOES KIRK HAVE TALENT? The talent context is a roaring success with Geoff and Emma’s lady in a box acta and Evelyn’s portrait painting but Beth is embarrassed by Kirk’s self penned song about life in packing. Which act will get the most votes.
ELSEWHERE Alina meets up with Seb but the evening is cut short when she announces she has to get back as she has things to do. Promising she’ll see him again, she hurries away.

Wednesday 15th May 2019 1st episode
ROY MAKES A CALL Carla wakes to find Johnny and Roy at her hospital bedside and freaks out. The doctor tells Roy that she seems keen to see her partner Peter. Roy tells Ken who refuses to call Peter saying that nothing should get in the way of his recovery. Will Roy accept Ken’s advice?
STEVE FEARS TRACY WON’T BE ‘APPY’ Tim introduces Steve to a young lad called Jay, a computer whizz who can design them an App that’ll knock GoLucky off the top spot but it’ll cost £20k.  Steve reveals that he’s got £20k but it was supposed to be for the deposit on a new house.
ALINA MEETS THE FAMILY Alina calls at No.11 and after explaining that the electricity is out at the salon, suggests they spend the day together.  Seb’s chuffed.
ELSEWHERE When Kirk confirms he’s meeting the talent scout for lunch, Beth’s suspicious of her motives. When an excited Kirk tells Beth that the talent scout wants to sign him up for a 6 weeks tour, Beth studies the business card and realises they’re looking for comedy acts. In the barber’s, Natalie nags David to give her some proper training and reveals it’s her birthday.  David sends her on an early lunch.

Wednesday 15th May 2019 2nd episode
PETER FEELS PUSHED OUT IN THE COLD BY KEN When the doctor tells Peter that Carla is being put on antipsychotic medication and being sent home. Peter tells Ken he is moving Carla in to number 1. Ken tells him they are not welcome as Peter is not well enough to look after himself let alone Carla and is furious when he discovers Roy is letting them move into the flat.
TRACY URGES STEVE TO DO WHAT IT TAKES Unimpressed by Steve’s plans to spend the house deposit on an app for Streetcars Tracy tells Steve to get out instead and do illegal street picks us to make some more money.
SEB AND ALINA TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL When Seb refuses to introduce Abi to Alina, admitting he’s embarrassed to be seen with her, Abi’s cut to the quick. Seb takes Alina back to No.11. When he suggests she stays the night, Alina agrees but tells him she’s one or two things to sort out first and she’ll be back about 10.30pm.
ELSEWHERE  Beth tentatively breaks the news to Kirk that Jasmine is a comedy scout and the reason people enjoy his songs is because they find them funny.  Kirk’s hurt. After a chat with Abi, Kirk tells Beth he’s going ahead with his tour as his songs put a smile on people’s faces and that’s all that matters. David finds Natalie in the pub, knocking back birthday drinks.  He steers her back to work. In the barber’s, drunken Natalie annoys Nick by making snide digs about his dodgy dealings.

Friday, May 17th 1st episode
STEVE IS TAKEN FOR A WHITE-KNUCKLE RIDE With pressure to find somewhere new to live Steve takes Tracy’s advice and picks up a young lad who flags him down to take him to hospital to visit his mum and offering to pay a hefty fare. The young lad asks him to stop at a garage to get some flowers for his mum but all is not what it seems.
NICK HAS MORE QUESTIONS TO ANSWER Shona finds herself feeling jealous when she walks in on David giving Natalie a lesson in how to cut hair. Meanwhile the police want Nick to answer some more questions.
CARLA’S HOMECOMING ISN’T PLAIN SAILING Peter and Michelle collect Carla from hospital and tentatively explain that she’ll be living back at Roy’s but Peter will be there too. Carla seems accepting of the situation.
ELSEWHERE Loved up after spending the night together, Seb offers to walk Alina to work. When Alina arrives for work 5 minutes late with Seb in tow, Rachel’s unamused and makes it clear he’s not welcome at the salon. Adam returns and apologises to Imran for leaving him in the lurch. Toyah’s unimpressed.

Friday, May 17th 2nd episode
STEVE KNOWS HE CAN’T DO THE RIGHT THING. Steve is desperate to escape from the armed robber and pleads for mercy showing him photos of Amy and Oliver. Will he get away unscathed?
PETER FACES A TOUGH TASK AHEAD With Carla not wanting Roy around Ken offers him a room at number one leaving Peter to look after Carla alone.
DAVID FEARS THE TRUTH WILL OUT Nick and David panic, aware that if the police go through their bank accounts, they will want to know how they acquired such a large some of cash. Nick asks Paula for her help.
ELSEWHERE Alina calls at No.11 and apologises to Seb for Rachel’s behaviour, but explains that she’s one of the lucky ones as Rachel provides her with both a job and somewhere to live. Seb tells Alina he doesn’t like the way Rachel treats her and that he’s going to take care of her from now on. Alina kisses him, deeply touched.

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