Sinead has been living with the knowledge about what her husband has done to her until tonight when she couldn’t take anymore and said that he had raped her.

This is the second time that Laurie (Kyle Pryor) has raped attacked her this way and even though he managed to silence her the first time he didn’t have the control over her to do it again.

Both Tony and Diane were shocked by the outburst but still, Laurie tried to twist it and say she was upset over it being Katy’s birthday this week (her daughter that passed away).

C4 TX 21/5/19(Picture: Lime Pictures)

Sinead refused to be silenced any longer and revealed what has happened.

The rest of the week will deal with the fallout from Sinead’s accusations as her family and friends come to terms with what has happened.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow on E4.

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