Monday 3rd June 2019 1st episode
SARAH FEELS THE PRESSURE With Nick looking more and more like he was involved in an insurance scam Gary wastes no time in reminding everyone that Nick had the health and safety report in his bag. Sarah tells Nick she wants nothing more to do with him and she will run the factory. Leanne is furious and tells Sarah she hasn’t even got authority to pay the wages. Gary tells Sarah he will deal with getting rid of the passports she took from Rick’s office.
DAVID MAKES A DEAL WITH THE DEVIL David tells Shona and Gail how much he regrets what he and Nick did – but Gail says he needs to give them some space whilst they take in what has gone on. Meanwhile Nick is still putting pressure on for him to take the rap in return for the business. The police arrest Nick and David on suspicion of theft.
ASHA’S DETERMINED TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS Dev makes plans to go to India to see a dying uncle but meanwhile he’s got a lot on his plate with Asha who says she is going to a party and won’t take no for an answer. She asks Aadi to cover for her.
ELSEWHERE Gemma suffers terrible morning sickness. Rita and Chesney implore her to see a doctor but she refuses point blank, adamant she’ll be fine. Peter visits a fragile Carla. The doctor explains that they’ve found a place for her at a special unit but it’s in Carlisle.

Monday 3rd June 2019 2nd episode
GARY CROSSES A LINE BUT SAVES THE DAY Sarah is struggling to pay the wages to the girls and is shocked when Gary tells her he sold everyone their passports back and hands her the cash for the wages. Sarah has no option but to accept. She is uneasy but grateful to Gary.
DAVID IS HONEST ABOUT WHO NICKED THE CASH The police tell David that Nick has pointed the finger of suspicion at him – but having already signed the transfer deed for the barbers David decides the police need to know it was Nick’s doing. How will Nick react when he finds out he has been double crossed?
DEV’S ASHEN-FACED BY ASHA’S BEHAVIOUR Dev is furious when he finds out that Asha disobeyed him. Mary suggests he take the kids to India with him.
ELSEWHERE Peter calls in the cafe and tells Roy and Ken that Carla’s being moved to Carlisle and he’s going with her. Handing over a stack of mobile phones, Peter explains that he found them in her bag. Roy promises to track down the owners. Ken, Roy and Johnny see Peter off on his trip to Carlisle.  When Simon announces he’s coming with him, Peter’s touched.

Wednesday 5th June 2019 1st episode
GEMMA FINDS TROUBLE COMES IN FOURS When Gemma’s morning sickness becomes so bad she collapses, Chesney decides to take her to hospital. As they are told she is going to have a scan Gemma reminds Chesney she has a family history of twins. But it’s more than double trouble for Chemma – they are expecting quads.
GAILS PLAYS PLATTS PEACEMAKER Gail finds Nick and David at each other’s throats in the barber’s shop each blaming the other for the whole sorry mess. Gail’s at the end of her tether. She begs Audrey to drop the charges against Nick and David for the sake of the family.
ADAM SPOILS GARY’S PLANS Roy shows Sarah the array of phones from Carla’s bag. She’s disappointed that hers isn’t one of them but intrigued when she finds a piece of her phone jewellery. Adam buys Sarah a drink and tells her that none of the Italian girls he met were a patch on her. Sarah basks in his flattery whilst Gary heads out, clearly jealous.
ELSEWHERE Norris apologies to Mary but says he was doing it to protect her.

Wednesday 5th June 2019 2nd episode
GEMMA AND CHESNEY ARE UNITED As Gemma and Chesney let the news sink in they are given lots of information on multiple births including selective termination. But both agree they couldn’t go through a selection process and want all four babies to have a chance.
PARTING IS SUCH SWEET SORROW FOR MARY Dev and the kids leave for India with Evelyn in charge of the shop. Heading home Mary is devastated when Norris tells her he is moving to Edinburgh to marry Freda.
GARY WINS THE DAY BY WHATEVER MEANS HE CAN Gary begs Sarah to give him another chance.  Sarah admits she still cares about him but reckons it’s too soon to forgive and forget.
KEN REMINDS AUDREY ABOUT FAMILY VALUES Ken recounts all the dreadful things his family have done over the years and how forgiveness is the only remedy. Audrey’s given food for thought.

FRIDAY 7TH JUNE 2019 1st episode
LEANNE CALLS NICK ON HIS LIES Determined to put things right, David tries to track down Natalie. He also hands Audrey a legal document and explains he’s transferred the barber’s shop into her name. Audrey’s gobsmacked, while an emotional Shona hugs David. Meanwhile Leanne’s suspicious when Nick tries to keep her away from court, making out it might be too upsetting. Revealing she doesn’t buy his story, Leanne demands he tell her the truth or they’re finished.
TIM IS FORCED TO COME CLEAN Sally’s furious that the others in the syndicate aren’t pulling their weight but Tim admits he enjoys chatting to Tiny while he mucks out his stable.
RITA HELPS NORRIS SEARCH FOR THE PAST As Norris’s friends gather in the Rovers for his farewell party, Norris is absent. Rita calls at No.3 to find Norris frantically searching for his Commonwealth Games medal.
ELSEWHERE Gary riles Sarah by suggesting it’s only a matter of time before they get back together. Gemma’s gutted when Rita reluctantly admits her flat is too small and she’s too old to cope with four babies. Seeing an opportunity to get one over on Nick, Irman offers to represent David at no charge.

FRIDAY 7TH JUNE 2019 2nd episode
IT’S A DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL FOR NICK AND LEANNE As Nick heads to court, Liz tells Leanne that she must put herself and Oliver first. Returning back home Nick finds Leanne with her bags packed and realises it’s time to come clean. As he admits that with Natalie’s help he stole Audrey’s money, but David blackmailed him into using it to buy the barber’s, Leanne’s horrified. Assuming it’s over, Nick offers to go. Meanwhile David’s annoyed that he’s been ordered to sign in at the police station every day while they await trial but Nick’s exempt. Audrey offers David a job at the barber’s but working under Maria. David’s grateful to still have a job.
GEMMA AND CHESNEY ENVISAGE HORROR AHEAD When Chesney suggests Gemma moves back to No.5 Gemma’s not keen but will she have much choice? Jenny starts a collection to support Gemma and Chesney in their plight to afford four babies.
RITA KNOWS NORRIS BETTER THAN ANYBODY With his medal now proudly around his neck Norris finally arrives for his farewell party where he reminisces about old times. As it dawns on him just how much he’s going to miss everyone will Norris have a change of heart?
ELSEWHERE When Sinead announces that like Jenny she too is pulling out of the horse syndicate, Sally’s fuming. Gary claims he’s going back to the building trade.

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