17TH JUNE 2019 1st Episode

GARY’S ABOUT TO GET AN UNPLEASANT SURPRISE Lying to Bethany that she’s going to the Midlands on business, Sarah heads off to the hotel to meet Adam. Rick appears on the street looking for Gary and Sarah, suspicious Bethany takes a picture of him on her phone and shows it to Gary. Fearing for Sarah’s safety, Gary urges Bethany to track Sarah down. Puzzled to discover she’s at a hotel in Worsley, Gary sets off there, worried this is proof that Rick has her. Meanwhile Sarah and Adam put the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door and head to bed.

ROY ADMITS WHAT’S TROUBLING HIM When Wayne calls in the cafe and reveals that he’s been doing some research into Sylvia’s ring, Roy’s orders him to leave it. Brian and Wayne realise that Roy’s been behaving strangely ever since his trip to Portsmouth. Roy admits the secret of the ring revealed that his mother had an affair.

ROBERT AND MICHELLE SEIZE THE DAY Michelle confides in Ryan how happy she is that she and Robert are back together and this time it’s for keeps. ELSEWHERE Daniel can sense Sinead’s worried about her scan. Aggie and Claudia wage war through the hole in the wall.

MONDAY 17TH JUNE 2019 2nd Episode

GARY FALLS INTO RICK’S TRAP When Adam makes jokes about Gary, it plays on Sarah’s guilt and she storms out of the hotel. Gary arrives looking for Sarah. When he shows the bellboy a photo of her, he confirms he saw her heading out followed by a tall bloke with dark hair. Gary’s horrified, wrongly assuming it was Rick. As Sarah and Adam make up, Gary calls Rick and accuses him of holding Sarah against her will. Seizing the opportunity Rick gives Gary some location details and tells him if he ever wants to see Sarah again, to meet him there. Gary finds himself in woodland looking at a shallow grave. What does Rick have in store?

ROY BEGINS TO FACE UP TO HIS PAST After some wise words from Cathy, Roy has a change of heart and tells Brian and Wayne that he would be grateful for their help in researching his family.

ELSEWHERE Bent on revenge, Aggie, Michael and James switch on every power tool in their possession making a terrible din. In retaliation Claudia and Amy, armed with violins, create the most dreadful racket. Beth signs up to the photography class, refusing to be outdone by Ken. Robert calls a meeting of the Connors and reveals that he’s planning a surprise engagement party for Michelle this evening. As the Connors gather in the bistro, Robert waits outside for Michelle

WEDNESDAY 19TH JUNE 2019 1st Episode

GARY FACES HIS DEMONS In the woods Gary fights for his life as he’s overpowered by a much stronger, more prepared Rick. Is this the end for Gary?

MICHELLE PUTS ROBERT ON THE SPOT Michelle enters the bistro to find her family hiding behind the bar. As they let out a half-hearted “surprise!”, Michelle’s bemused. A balloon is revealed with the words ‘Happy Engagement’, will Michelle agree to marry Robert?

ROY DISCOVERS MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR Wayne introduces Roy to Alice Parrott, who reveals that her father, Raymond, had an affair with Sylvia. Alice hands Roy a bundle of love letters. Roy’s sad as he realises there was a loving side to his mother that he never saw.

ELSEWHERE Ken’s in his element as the photography class begins while Beth rolls her eyes. The noise war continues with neither Aggie or Claudia backing down. Ken and Ed head to the Rovers together.

WEDNESDAY 19TH JUNE 2019 2nd Episode

SARAH MOVES ON FROM GARY Bethany’s horrified to realise that Adam and Sarah are seeing each other and tells Sarah she’s making a big mistake.

ROY DISCOVERS MORE ABOUT HIMSELF FROM WAYNE Roy resigns himself to the fact that his mother was obviously capable of love, but didn’t love him. As he sees Wayne out, Wayne thanks him for the kindness he and Hayley showed him as a child and promises to keep in touch.

ELSEWHERE When Aggie and Claudia find Ed and Ken enjoying a drink together will they agree to bury the hatchet? When Beth takes a picture of Bertie on her phone she’s surprised at how good it is and decides to enter it in the competition. Robert he gets down on one knee and proposes, will Michelle accept?

FRIDAY 21ST JUNE 2019 1st Episode

ROBERT HAS A BAD DAY Michelle arranges to meet Billy at lunchtime to talk wedding plans. Robert promises he’ll be there but when he’s a no show Michelle discovers she’s been lied to.

ADAM LOOKS INTO GARY’S PAST Adam’s intrigued as Sarah plays down her final showdown with Gary.

SINEAD HIDES HER FEELINGS Daniel and Sinead attend her scan appointment. Back on the street Beth proudly shows them her picture of Bertie, but Sinead rushes out overcome with emotion.

MICHAEL BAILEY TRIES TO IMPRESS THE NEIGHBOURS Jack recognises James Bailey from the County youth team and asks him to sign his football. Steve proudly reveals he knows James. Realising that Tim, Kevin and Steve are fans, Michael makes out he’s not only James’ brother, but his agent too. ELSEWHERE Beth’s thrilled to hear her picture of Bertie is through to the final of the Gazette competition. Roy reveals he’s off to Cumbria for a few days to scatter Sylvia’s ashes and visit Carla.

FRIDAY 21ST JUNE 2019 2nd Episode

At the bistro Michelle angrily reveals that she knows Robert has been lying to her about his whereabouts. Thinking on his feet, Robert makes out he was at the travel agents planning a surprise honeymoon. Will Michelle buy it?

SINEAD ASKS BETH FOR A FAVOUR Sinead explains to Daniel how Beth’s picture of Bertie set her off, fearing for the future. Daniel assures her she’s going nowhere and they ask Beth to take some family portrait shots. ELSEWHERE Michael invites Steve, Tim, Kevin and Jack down to James’ training session, promising an access all areas tour. The lads return from their tour on a high but when James clocks Michael taking a fee from each of them, he’s furious. Izzy worries about Jake’s future without his dad.

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