River City spoilers: Monday 17th June 2019

This week in Shieldinch… Kim’s memory problems worsen when she attempts to throw a ’70s themed party for her mum, Isobel; Suzie’s unexpected windfall draws unwanted attention; and Alex desperately tries to track down his wife and son.

Troubled by her worsening memory loss, Kim throws herself into planning the perfect ’70s themed birthday party for Isobel. She convinces herself that if she can do this on her own, she’ll prove to herself that she’s of sound mind.

Sensing Kim is feeling overwhelmed, Angus persuades her to let him help with the party preparations. But events take a worrying turn when he witnesses Kim almost giving baby Mackenzie a double dose of medicine.

Kim’s day goes from bad to worse when she discovers she booked the Tall Ship for the wrong day. With pressure mounting, she is forced to confide in Isobel about her dementia woes, while Bob and Angus save the day by hosting the 70s party at the Oyster Cafe.

Elsewhere, Suzie is in the money after the sale of her marital home. Feeling blue about her divorce, Suzie is boosted by Bernie’s plans to have a ladies’ lunch with Scarlett and Eve to toast new beginnings. However, when Suzie discovers she’s footing the bill, she feels used.

Later when Suzie is mugged on Montego Street, Dougie comes to her rescue – and sparks fly.

A desperate Alex draws a blank as he tries to find Annie and his son. As his search continues to fail, he tries to manipulate Nicole into helping him.


Kim is played by Frances Thorburn
Isobel by Alison Peebles
Suzie by Juliet Frazer
Alex by Jordan Young
Angus By Scott Fletcher
Bob by Stephen Purdon
Bernie by Barbara Rafferty
Eve by Victoria Liddelle
Dougie by Stewart Porter
Nicole by Holly Jack.

River City airs Monday’s on BBC Scotland at 10pm

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