After bumping off local residents Carl Costello (Paul Opacic), Gangster Glenn Donovan (Bob Cryer) and Louis Loveday (Karl Collins) she nearly bumped off long time resident Jack Osborne (Jimmy McKenna) but it hasn’t stopped her and next week she could be forced to kill again to protect her secret.

It all begins when Juliet (Niamh Blackshaw) and Brooke (Talia Grant) find a photo album that Breda has left at Jack’s house which is full of photos of her old pig farm. Juliet then manages to convince a relucant Brooke to have a party there with Ollie and Imran.

As the four teens prepare to head off to the farm they are caught by Charlie who Brooke swears to secrecy. Meanwhile, in the pub Jack has planned a proposal to Breda but will he get to when she discovers the teens are heading to the farm?

As a loved up Ollie and Brooke get passionate at the farm, Imran and Juliet try to cause trouble and scare them by using leg braces and a wheelchair they have found, the teens are completely unaware they are sitting right on Louis Loveday’s grave.

Later as Jack arrives we see Breda forcing an object into the back of her car and later she overhears a conversation between Jack and Darren about his past.

As the week draws to a close Breda agrees to meet Jack after Sylver convinces her he deserves to tell his side of the story…

Has Breda killed again? Is Jack safe? Will Louis be discovered? Hollyoaks air these scenes from Monday 17th June on Channel 4.

By Eastieoaks

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