Ste Hay has remained loyal to ‘brother’ Jonny even cementing himself a place in the far-right group he is a part of. But that happy little bubble of his looks set to be burst when the truth about his connection with him comes to light.

E4’s latest episode showed Peri and Yazz plan to get a sample of Jonny’s DNA to prove if he really is Ste’s brother.

Ste is left distraught when he learns this isn’t the case and as Leela, Yazz and Peri break the news to him both Jonny and Stuart are left lost for words. When Ste demands the truth from them it is Stuart that tries to diffuse the situation but an upset Ste runs out.

Has Ste now learned they have been grooming him? and what will he do next?

Hollyoaks continues at 7pm on E4