Beecham House spoilers: Episode Two

Period drama, set in 18th-century Delhi, years before the territory fell under British colonial rule.

With the arrival of his mother Henrietta from London and the discovery of his younger brother Daniel in a military camp close by, John has finally fulfilled his dream of having his family reunited. But, the arrival of the mysterious Chandrika throws the household into chaos and threatens to break the family apart.


John Beecham – Tom Bateman
Henrietta Beecham – Lesley Nicol
Daniel Beecham – Leo Suter
Margaret Osborne – Dakota Blue Richards
Gen Castillon – Gregory Fitoussi
Chandrik – Pallavi Sharda
Violet – Bessie Carter
Murad Beg – Adil Ray
Baadal – Viveik Kalra
Mool Chand – Kulvinder Ghir
Bindu – Goldy Notay
Chanchal – Shiriya Pilgaonkar
Ram Lal – Amer Chadha-Patel
Maya – Trupti Khamkar
Emperor Shah Alam – Roshan Seth
Samuel Parker – Marc Warren
Roshanara – Medha Shankar
Vijay Singh – Arunoday Singh
Soldier – Harry Scott
Brothel Woman 1 – Ruchi Bhargava
Prince Akbar – Rudraksh Singh
Brothel Woman 2 – Muskan Jain

The second episode of Beecham House airs at 9PM tonight on ITV.

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