River City spoilers: Monday 1st July 2019

This week in Shieldinch… Nicole goes to extreme lengths to fight for Alex’s affections, Amber is irked by Eve cosying up to Lou, and Stevie is rocked by Lenny’s shocking confession.

Optimistic about a future with Alex, Nicole brags about her relationship – little realising he’s got other ideas. When Alex brushes off her affections, Nicole’s devastated. Adding insult to injury she spots him growing close to Poppy.

Hurt, Nicole confronts Alex who quickly shuts down her relationship dream – she was just a fling. Nicole decides to play dirty to get rid of her love rival, which leads her to turn to Lenny to take revenge against Alex and his latest love interest.

Elsewhere Eve tries to get closer to her secret daughter Lou, but her obvious interest is misconstrued as infatuation. As Lou grows increasingly uneasy by Eve’s behaviour, the doctor questions Gabriel about his past with Amber. In an attempt to learn more about the woman her daughter is dating, Eve’s constant questioning only raises suspicion – leading to a heated showdown with Amber.

Lenny smarts as he watches Alex’s latest love life drama unfold. Irked that his son has moved on so quickly following his affair with Lydia, Lenny’s anger grows. Drinking heavily, Lenny talks to Lydia, which causes concern for Stevie. Later, Stevie is left stunned when Lenny makes a startling confession.


Nicole Brodie is played by Holly Jack
Eve Christie by Victoria Liddelle
Alex Murdoch by Jordan Young
Lenny Murdoch by Frank Gallagher
Amber by Jenny Hulse
Lou by Lesley Hart
Stevie by Iain Robertson
Poppy by Lindsey Campbell
Gabriel by Garry Sweeney
Lydia by Jacqueline Leonard.

This episode airs Monday 1st July on BBC Scotland at 10PM

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