The home of stone-cold prison drama, airs the punch-packing seventh season of the hit Australian drama set among the increasingly broken inmates of the titular correctional facility. Tense, unforgiving and frequently devastating, Wentworth’s walls are no strangers to bloodshed.

Wentworth is in shock. One of their own has been taken from them, and officers and inmates alike are reeling. Allie’s response is straightforward—she makes it her mission to hunt down the guilty party, while Liz’s fractured memories drive her to believe that she herself is culpable.

Rita learns just what Ruby sacrificed to keep her safe, and she is flabbergasted. Meanwhile, Miller helps unpack what really happened to Liz. But despite his best efforts, Liz’s recent episode has triggered dark thoughts—and she looks to Boomer for a different kind of assistance.

A horrifying murder sends ripples through the cells with various inmates in the frame, while others seek respite from the dark terror and bloody chaos!

Marie (Susie Porter) is in no mood for playing nice, having just been bested in sensational fashion by reigning top dog Kaz (Tammy McIntosh).

Rita (Leah Purcell) is running on nervous adrenalin, prepared to take the consequences of her choices and actions. In doing so, is she also hiding the frightening fact that she has turned killer once more (having murdered Drago months ago)? Or is she actually on a mission to flush out the murderer?

Boomer (Katrina Milosevic) is seeking an escape from the murderous melee that surrounds her. As usual, nobody can trust anybody else and the last thing Boomer wants is to be implicated in the slaying.

Stepping outside the prison gates and away from the barbed wire for the first time, Boomer can’t wait to make a success of her opportunity.

This episodes airs in the UK on 5Star – 6th June at 10PM

Updated: 26th June to include images previously under embargo (Image slide show photos credit @ Channel 5)

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