Hollyoaks spoilers: Can Harry save Ste from the far-right group?

As Ste (Kieron Richardson) remains a member of a far-right racist group with Jonny Baxter (Ray Quinn) and Stuart Sumner (Chris Simmons) Tony remains desperate to help him.

Tony feels Harry (Parry Glasspool) could save Ste and urges him to try and talk some sense into him and as Ste and Harry cheer each other up it dawns on Ste how much he misses having a boyfriend.

A jealous James spots the Harry and Ste and his anger levels hit reach their peak.

How does James react when he spots them two together?

Parry: He’s angry because obviously they have a big history, and Harry basically cheated on Ste with James, so he thinks that could possibly go the other way. Especially after Harry’s almost lost his trust, with the car crash and Sadie. James is going a bit mad right now. James shouldn’t be jealous because there isn’t anything romantic going on between Ste and Harry just yet, and Harry has his heart set on James. He’s fixated on him at the minute.

How does Harry feel towards Ste?

Parry: I think he’s still got a soft spot for him, but I think he feels like Ste is a bit lost. He can see that he’s involved in all this terrible stuff.

How does Ste feel towards Harry?

Kieron: Ste hasn’t really held a grudge with Harry. A lot of time has passed now. Obviously there are bigger things in Ste’s life and he thinks this new friendship he’s got with Stuart and Jonny is his goal at the minute. He hasn’t really been concentrating on his love life. Ste has always been trying to be in a relationship with someone and searching for this lust. Seeing Harry kind of sparks off that side of his personality again and he starts yearning to get a boyfriend again.

We are introduced to ‘Jed’ soon, is he a possible new love interest for Ste?

Kieron: So in previous interviews I was planting a little seed that I was starting to film with a new boy, his entrance will be in the coming weeks. He is a character called Jed, and he may or may not be significant in Ste’s life.

Is there a future for Ste and Harry?

Kieron: I think as the week goes on it will be clear that Harry has definitely moved on from Ste… or so he thinks at this point. I think that’s quite gutting for Ste.

Could you tease what’s next for Harry?

Parry: A lot of drama and a lot of life changing decisions, with Sadie and the baby, James and his suspicious behaviour.

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