Sam Dingle (James Hooton) offers to accompany Lydia (Karen Blick) to the burial site and agrees to let her leave Emmerdale if she doesn’t find visiting the site helpful.

Once there, Lydia finally breaks down and submits to her long-buried grief. Where will they go from here? Can Lydia ever forgive herself?

Later Lydia explains she still plans to leave, but Sam refuses to let her. After stepping outside for some air, she secretly orders a taxi to pick her up. Sam rushes after her and stands in front of the car. But can he stop her?

Emmerdale air these scenes on Monday 15th July

Over in Hollyoaks: Liam and Mercedes affair looks set to be over as quickly as it has begun when the spring in her step has Sylver thinking she is back on the drugs. Altough furious at his accusations it doesn’t stop Mercedes from sleeping with Liam in the four poster bed that Sylver has made. However Breda returns home just while they are at it which forces Liam into hiding under the bed just as Breda lets herself in..

Is Bronzer about to sniff out the cheating rat?

Hollyoaks air these scenes next week

Meanwhile, in Coronation Street the guilt of his secret gets too much for Gary and after telling yet another lie to cover his tracks Rick’s daughter Kelly is left heartbroken. He decides to unburden himself and goes to find Imran where he confesses that he is responsible for Rana’s death.

Also Sarah has a hunch that Gary is involved with the roof collapse when Carla reveals that Sarah’s phone wasn’t amongst the stolen phones she returned and that she had dreamt Gary had visited her and gone through her handbag.

Coronation Street air these scenes from the 15th July