Emmerdale affair rumbled? Abi takes on a burglar and more Emmerdale and Corrie spoilers

In Emmerdale : Moira is wary to be working alongside Nate in the barn but Nate is pleased to see that he has Moira rattled, as she tries to convince him she feels nothing for him. At the Woolpack, Cain is eager to get back to the farm and prove himself to Moira. However, back at the farm, after rebuking Nate for his behavior, Moira gives into temptation and pulls him in for a kiss. Is Cain about to witness his wife cheating on him?

Is this over as quickly as it has begun?

Nate encourages Amy to seek custody of Kyle and after witnessing another cold exchange between Moira and Cain, Amy begins to see Nate is right in his thinking.

I would hate to be in Nate’s shoes when Cain finds out..

In Coronation Street: A nasty shock when a burglar makes his escape out the back door but runs straight into Abi who takes him down…

Who is he and WTF is going on?

Eileen’s curiosity is piqued when it’s obvious that Paula recognises Jan. When, in the Rovers, Eileen quizzes Paula, she makes out Eileen imagined it. After Eileen confides in Liz, Liz googles Jan and finds some worrying information. At No. 11, Liz waits until Jan is out to show Eileen the discovery she has made about him.

How does Paula know Jan and what has Eileen found?

Nick tries to make amends with Sarah but to no avail. Nick spots himself in one of Beth’s photographs that was taken on the morning of the factory roof collapse. Nick goes to the police with the photo, which he claims proves he was nowhere near the factory at the time of the roof collapse but the police remain unconvinced.

Can he save himself from a prison sentence?

These scenes air over the next couple of weeks.

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