EastEnders spoilers: A turbulent week for Tiffany and Jack


Desperate to get Abi back, Max attempts to contact Rainie but when she hangs up, Max fears he’s lost her for good. As Max starts to crumble under the pressure, Jack offers him some hope when he recognises the hotel logo in a picture Rainie sent. Meanwhile, Rainie makes the most of her new riches and soon meets another hotel guest, Michael, who offers to help her with Abi. Michael spots the bag of money but as he invites Rainie for a drink, she gently lets him down and goes to leave the hotel. However as she goes to check-out, she spots Jack and Max arriving and rushes back upstairs. Max and Jack are confused when Michael answers the door and denies any knowledge about Rainie leading her to thank Michael.

Jack is touched when Denise offers advice about his money woes leading him to ask Adam if he can exchange on the flat this week. As Adam contemplates, Jack spots a half-dressed Habiba in the background. When Jack leaves, Adam scolds Habiba and things go from bad to worse when his police friend, Muski, arrives and warns him that his name has come up in an investigation – he attacked Fraser.

Chantelle tries to talk to Keegan about his feelings for Tiffany but he insists Tiffany has messed him around too much.


With Tiffany aware of Muski’s visit, Jack comes clean to her about what happened with Fraser and when Max overhears, Jack tells his brother he’s in trouble. Desperate, Jack turns to Denise and asks her for an alibi but when he refuses to reveal why in order to protect Tiffany, Denise storms off. After some words of wisdom from Kush, Denise agrees to help but with Jack still not telling her why, she ends things between them leaving Tiffany feeling even guiltier. After a heart-to-heart with Tiffany, Jack returns home and tells Max the police are on their way leading Max to suggest Jack goes into hiding.


Feeling guilty, Tiffany talks to Denise about Jack and shares some kind words about her uncle – but will it be enough for Denise to forgive Jack?

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