Maxine is determined to get her perfect wedding but she considers using the money raised for her private health care.. Won’t this raise suspicions? escpially when Dr Levi once again believes she is fabricating the symptoms of her illness.

Can Maxine fool him again?

Sienna gets a blast from the past when along with Damon, Maxine, Grace they go to visit the wedding venue but Sienna notices two young twins and runs after them, believing they are her children.

Has Sienna really found her twins?

Liam believes he has found the perfect date to make Mercedes jealous and parades Cindy around The Dog.

Will it work and Could Liam and Cindy actually get on better than expected?

Sadie is back, again, and after getting more money from Liam he threatens that is she comes back then she is dead. Her exit doesn’t go to plan when Tony finds her in labor and she is helped into the Hutch by Darren and Breda.

Will the birth go smoothly and how will Tony react to the news that this is Harry’s baby?

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