Holby City spoilers: Things My Mother Told Me

Series 21 Episode 31 ‘Things My Mother Told Me’

As the Holby team give a warm send off to a much beloved colleague, a surprising revelation sends Cameron into a spin. However, Cameron crosses the line when his drunken behaviour spills onto the ward.

Following a little nudge from Lofty Dominic takes a tentative step to reconcile with Carole, but when things quickly go south and Dominic finds himself at a loss will they ever mend their fractured relationship?

Chloe is desperate to cut all ties with Evan and wants to proceed with their divorce, but when he goes AWOL she is forced to make direct contact. Will Chloe be able to handle Evan’s mind games?


Nic Jackman As Cameron Dunn
Belinda Owusu As Nicky Mckendrick
Amy Lennox As Chloe Godard
Catherine Russell As Serena Campbell
Lee Mead As Ben “lofty” Chiltern
David Ames As Dominic Copeland
Guy Henry As Henrik Hanssen
Rosie Marcel As Jac Naylor
Dawn Steele As Ange Godard
Jaye Jacobs As Donna Jackson
Alex Walkinshaw As Adrian “fletch” Fletcher
Kaye Wragg As Essie Di Lucca
Hugh Quarshie As Ric Griffin
Bob Barrett As Sacha Levy
Marcus Griffiths As Xavier “zav” Duval
Julia Deakin As Carole Copeland
Heather Peace As Alex Dawson
Nicola Duffett As Delia Hamel
Leo Woodall As Jake Reader
Chandeep Uppal As Nessa Dalal


Martin Jameson Writer
Chris Clenshaw Producer
Waris Islam Director

This episode airs on the 30th July on BBC One

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