Ackley Bridge spoilers: Episode 6 preview

This episode really gives an insight into Rukhsana (Phoebe Tuffs Berry) as we learn more about her home life. We learn she is the primary caregiver at home and looks after her mum and siblings.

So when she is caught on camera ‘slagging it up’ her brother is less than happy and takes it out on her by giving her a slap.

Her problems continue at school when Sue Carp (Charlie Hardwick) attempts to pronounce ‘Pączki’ which is a Polish doughnuts and ends up offending Rukhsana who gets her own back by setting off the fire alarm.

Rukhsana’s family try to force her to go to Leicester for a new start but she runs away at the last minute and straight to Spud who hides her.

Unfortunately Spud later upsets Rukhsana when she calls her boring.

Also in this episode

Kaneez gets into her new role as a student support worker at school by trying to help Rukhsana.

Cory continues his tryst with Sian and makes inappropriate comments which she doesn’t put a stop to.

Nasreen stands outside Sam’s window chucking pebbles to get her attention and when she comes out the pair take back Sam’s motorbike. Nas admits she has missed Sam and the pair share a kiss.

This episode airs Tuesday 23rd July on Channel 4

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