Emmerdale proposal, EastEnders cover up, Corrie Seb’s discovery and more baby drama in Hollyoaks

In EastEnders: With Phil left for dead, those involved take drastic action in order to cover their tracks – but how far are they willing to go to keep their name out of the frame? This airs Thursday 1st August

In Emmerdale: Bernice is still feeling down especially when Liam insists he’s not planning on attending the Wild West Fundraiser but Bernice manages to convince him, on admitting she’s given him the role of the sheriff! Later, a stetson adorned ‘Sheriff’ Liam rides through a classic western version of Main Street – he’s loving this role. Meanwhile, Nicola is upset she’s not the Sheriff while an apprehensive Bernice whispers she’s going to propose to Liam later. As part of the day Kerry finds herself locked up in the salon ‘gaol’ by ‘US Marshalls Jimmy and Dan. Soon she’s appalled when daughter Amy is locked in with her to heal their differences, but will it work? The villagers admire each other’s Western outfits, Bernice complains about the lack of horses but then swoons to see Sheriff Liam ride in. Rishi offers to store the charity fundraising takings it in the factory safe. While Sheriff Liam announces there will be a surprise at the end of the day but even he doesn’t know what it is… So will Bernice’s poposal go to plan?

In Coronation Street: Faye urges Seb not to give up on Alina, pointing out he’s got nothing to lose. Seb plucks up the courage and calls Alina but when the line suddenly goes dead he and Abi start to suspect something fishy is going on. At the nail salon Abi distracts Rachel while Seb sneaks round the back. Finding Alina sitting on an old mattress he realises with horror that this is her home. A terrified Alina tells him he must leave at once but when they’re interrupted by Rachel, Seb hides and listens in horror as Rachel warns Alina that if she doesn’t behave, it’ll be the worse for her and her family. This airs Monday 29th July

In Hollyoaks: Unbeknown to her devoted boyfriend Brody, Sienna is planning to run away with two children who she believes are her missing twins. He catches her holding a teddy, and not to blow her cover she tells him that she wants to have a baby with him. Brody is delighted to hear this, and cries tears of joy at the thought of starting a family with Sienna.

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