Serial-killer and bad dad slayer Breda Mcqueen has struck again claiming her 8th victim, Harry Thompson.

The original target had been Tony Hutchinson but this changed tonight when she learned of Harry had done a runner and abandoned his new born son.

Tony had a last minute reprieve after turning to Breda in tears who told him to go and find Harry and bring him home.

Meanwhile, Harry had gone to see Ste, and asked him to runaway with him but upon hearing sirens Harry knew his time was up and as they said goodbye forever they shared a final kiss Harry told Ste he loved him before exiting via the backdoor.

After visiting Sadie and learning Harry had run out on his son Breda threatens that “God does not let bad deeds go unpunished”.

Harry was close to exposing Mercedes as he revealed he had recorded her confession to the hit & run but as he phoned Tony on his way to the police station Breda stepped into his path and stabbed him.

As Harry looked on Breda with confusion she questioned whether he thinks abandoning his kid is ok and “dead-beat dads don’t deserve to live”.

As Harry called out for Tony he died.

Hollyoaks continues tomorrow on E4