Following last week’s news that Bernie was missing following an explosion some fans had refused to give up hope of a last minute repreive, that was until tonight.

Alex arrived in Holby and gave Cameron the news that it was Bernie that had been identified.

This scene to me felt very forced as every time he dared to open his mouth Alex was quick to shut him down with a “It was definitely her”

If this wasn’t messed up enough we didn’t even get time for breath before there was funeral talk, OK we we get she was prepared if something happened but Cameron isn’t at least give the poor guy, and us, a chance to process this news.

I really fucking felt for Cameron to be honest and was disliking Alex more and more as she tried to take control of everything, seriously take a hint and fuck off.

Everything was moving at such a fast pace there was no real emotion to this it all just seemed to be so forced.

We got the scenes that I don’t think anyone really wanted and that was weepy Serena crying while reading Bernie’s journal.

Bernie gave you her heart and you stamped all over it, but hey you have this, consider it a consolation prize.

If anyone deserves to be given the scenes that follow her death it is Cameron who quite rightly said about Alex at the end of the episode “I don’t trust that woman”

Serena’s “I can handle it” oh please woman you couldn’t handle being faithful for 5 minutes.

So to summarize:

Serena quit the crying
Cameron deserves better
Alex can get to fuck!

Holby City continues It’s relentless misery-fest next Tuesday on BBC One