It’s the day of Maxine and Damon’s dream wedding next week it should be the happiest of her life. But there is just one problem her husband-to-be thinks she is dying.

Dr Levi forced Maxine’s hand when he gave her 2 pills to help with her “pain” but these turned out to simply be mints. Levi told Maxine about her condition of Munchhausen’s syndrome and the first step to being cured starts with telling Damon but rather than do this she told him that she had a tumour on her spine and just 6 months to live.

Also with a secret of her own, Sienna finds out Maxine has been lying and Maxine finds out Sienna’s plot to kidnap back the kids she believes to be her missing twins.

As the pair beg each other to keep their secrets it may be too late as Scott’s +1 Dr Levi arrives. Will this happy couple get to say I do before her secret is revealed?

Hollyoaks air these scenes on E4 next week