Emmerdale spoilers: Dingle drama

Debbie is off and some are more enthusiastic about it then others and Debbie is surprised by Sarah’s pragmatism as she encourages her to move to Scotland.

It’s good news for Vanity as Vanessa’s happy to hear she and Charity will be moving into Debbie’s place now she’s going, but there’s a catch!..(you’ll have to wait and see what this is)

The above scenes air between (Monday 5th August and Friday 9th August)

Tuesday 13th August 2019 – 1st Ep

Debbie leaves for Scotland and says goodbye to Sarah and the Dingles.

Tuesday 13th August 2019 – 2nd Ep

Sam and Lydia are shocked by Samson’s angry reaction to Lydia’s past can they win him round?

Debbie leaves for Scotland but can Charity bring herself to say goodbye?

Wednesday 14th August 2019

Faith manages to get Zak back into talking about their shared history even managing to get Zak to smile. As they reminisce over old times there is a brief kiss between them before the door springs open as the others return home

Thursday 15th August 2019 – 2nd Ep

Cain is left surprised by Matty’s aggression after they have an argument.

In the Woolpack Cellar, Faith and the fuse box get soaked by beer when the hose is forced off the barrel. As a result, the power goes out upstairs, leaving all eyes on a guilty Bear. Drenched, Faith and Zak tumble out of the cellar, leaving Bear suspicious.

Bear is mortified when Faith reveals how he’s illiterate in order to protect her own secret of kissing Zak.

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