Monday 12th August 2019 – 1st Episode

As Emma’s Dad John drifts in and out of consciousness, he tells Emma that he always loved her as if she was his own. Emma’s stunned.

A tearful Emma confides in Audrey that her Dad isn’t her real Dad and her Mum’s been lying to her for 20 years. When Emma’s phone rings, she sees it’s her Mum and ignores the call. As the picture of Emma’s Mum flashes up on the screen, Audrey’s shocked to recognise Fiona Middleton

Robert takes Vicky on a shopping trip but is frustrated when they get home and Jed and Tyler arrive. Robert is scathing and Jed punches him knocking him out.

Gary employs Ed to oversee the rebuild of the factory and gives Seb a job as a labourer. Adam tells Sarah that Derek has been involved a few dodgy business schemes that have gone bust but when she confronts Gary he threatens to pull the plug on the whole deal.

Monday 12th August 2019 – 2nd Episode

Carla tells Peter she has turned Jo’s job offer down.

Dev falls out with Evelyn

Wednesday 14th August 2019 – 1st Episode

Chesney and Gemma are furious when a parking fine arrives for Bernie.

Geoff is annoyed that Yasmeen is going for lunch with Cathy.

Emma tells Steve that her mum lives abroad but was originally from Weatherfield and is called Fiona Middleton.

Wednesday 14th August 2019 – 2nd Episode

Asha returns home and assures Dev she’s had a lovely day. When she drops her bag and the contents spill out, she quickly scoops up a tub of skin-lightening cream hoping he hasn’t spotted it.

Friday 16th August 2019 – 1st Episode

As Kate bangs on about her travel plans and Daniel enthuses about Bertie, Bethany realises how empty her own life is.

Steve is going to the airport to collect Tracy when he sees Emma crying at the bus stop. He offers to take her to the chapel of rest but when she is upset that she can’t afford a nice coffin for her dad Steve secretly slips the undertaker £600.

Robert lies to Michelle telling her that he’s needed at a young offenders’ unit in Stoke and will be away for a few days.

Friday 16th August 2019 – 2nd Episode

As the bridge night descends into chaos and allegations of cheating Geoff takes it out on Yasmeen and back at home accuses her of undermining him.