Monday 12th August 2019

Kim tells Jai she’s determined to review the company’s staffing levels.

Drunk and humiliated about losing her job, Jessie is confronted by an accusing Nicola over what happened with Maya. Feeling backed into a corner, Jessie delivers some angry home truths about the children of the village. After escorting Jessie outside, Marlon is horrified as she goes on to blame him for her outburst. Marlon, Jessie, Billy & Ellis walk home and Jessie continues to lash out at Marlon.

Tuesday 13th August 2019 – 1st Episode

Ellis is shocked when a potential client is this mysterious figure from his past.

At April’s birthday party, Ellis tries to tell Jessie about his earlier meeting, but they’re suddenly interrupted when they hear a car horn and he storms outside. Jessie reveals to Marlon the mysterious man is Al Chapman, Ellis’ Dad but why has he turned up and will anyone be pleased to see him?

Tuesday 13th August 2019 – 2nd Episode

Sam and Lydia are shocked by Samson’s angry reaction to Lydia’s past can they win him round?