Monday 12th August

An unknown lady arrives looking for Callum, Vicky, and shares some heart-breaking news – her brother Chris, an ex-army colleague and friend of Callum’s, has died. As Callum struggles to process the news, Vicky encourages him to come to the memorial tomorrow.

Tuesday 13th August

Callum struggles to focus at work and with Chris on his mind, he leaves unannounced and goes to the memorial. Feeling overwhelmed, Callum quickly leaves and rushes back to the Square but as he tries to gather his thoughts, he is confronted by Whitney who demands to know what’s going on. With Whitney questioning if Callum is having an affair, he eventually reveals that his friend died but as Whitney does her best to support him, Callum struggles to hold it together and heads back to the memorial.

Thursday 15th August

Whitney checks on Callum following recent events can she get him to open up?