Fair City

Phoebe sneaks out to meet Aaron, Cristiano’s attempts to cover for her backfire.

Pete comes up against determined opposition in his quest to be elected PRO.

It’s Dearbhla’s big day as she waits for news about getting back to Canada.

Fiona hatches a plan to get closer to Paul.

These Fair City scenes air from Sunday 11th August


Amy decides she shouldn’t be allowed to look after Kyle with everything that’s happened.

Faith’s determined to get Zak smiling again after Lisa and soon Zak laughs about the old days with her but ultimately feels guilty for having fun without Lisa and storms out.

Drunk and humiliated about resigning from her job, Jessie is confronted by an accusing Nicola over what happened with Maya.

These Emmerdale scenes air from Monday 12th August

Coronation Street

Mary tries to bring Asha out of her shell. But what is the teenager hiding?

Robert discovers that Vicky is on her way to Weatherfield, will he intercept her in time before she spills the beans to Michelle?

Audrey is angry to discover Liz has been gossiping about Emma’s dad. Steve confides in Tim that he might be Emma’s dad.

These Corrie scenes air from Monday 12th August


Callum gets a visit from Vicky about Chris and when Whitney confronts him over it this leads to an argument.

Bobby spends Eid with the Ahmeds

An angry Kush is furious that Kat has lied to him

These EastEnders scenes air from Monday 12th August


Breda and Jack are excited about their huge secret

Nancy is determined to find out what’s getting Brooke down.

Breda tells Joel in the confession box that someone in her family has sinned.

Stuart and Jonny have an alarming secret plan, which is discovered by an intruder.

These Hollyoaks scenes air from Monday 12th August

Pobol y Cwm

A familiar face return to the village.

It’s a big day for Cwmderi’s students who receive their exam results.

Something is playing on Guto’s mind.

Mark is hot on the heels of a drug dealer.

These Pobol y Cwm scenes air from Monday 12th August