1st Episode

Robert has been trying to persuade a reluctant Aaron to go ahead with the surrogacy but when they hear Natalie’s having second thoughts will Robert come clean to her over what has gone on?

Jai feigns confidence.

When Kerry overhears Bernice & Nicola discuss fundraising, she feels a plan percolating and blurts out she will be holding a fundraiser for the kiddie’s hospital. Amy fumes, acutely aware Kerry’s not keeping a low profile.

2nd Episode

Kim taunts Jai but it remains to be seen whether her will cave in, Robert evades admitting the truth, and Amy worries over Kerry’s plan.


The police arrive in Walford looking for who they suspect of attacking Phil…

Mick feels the pressure to sort The Vic’s finances and reassures a concerned Linda. After turning down Mitch who wants him to referee a football match, Mick is distracted by Tina in her hour of need. Mick races to help, but he gets more than he bargained for when he arrives at The Prince Albert. Later, with The Vic packed, Mick returns but continues to feel the pressure from all angles.

Denise’s patience is tested with Patrick and Sheree in the salon and things get worse for her when Chantelle asks to reduce her hours further. However, Denise isn’t prepared for Sheree’s suggestion…

Elsewhere, when Billy struggles to keep his jealousy of Adam in check, Honey gives him some home truths. Callum is at a loss at how to write his vows, leaving Whitney annoyed and despite poor advice from Mick, Mitch and Stuart, Callum continues to try his best.


Brooke spots her purse in Juliet’s bag, and is furious. She ends up falling out with Juliet and Ollie.

Ste is set to go on another march, and Jonny sets him up with Jed again.

Prince and his family plan his trip.

Fair City

Lee’s attempt to make money ends disastrously. Cristiano covers for Phoebe to Will. Pete dismisses Dolores’ concerns about him being chairperson. Orla rejects Eoghan’s offer.