River City spoilers: Monday 19 August 2019

This week in Shieldinch… mum’s the word after Ellie discovers her niece, Ruby, is pregnant; Eve is forced to confront her secret as Lou grows suspicious; and Bernie learns the extent of Suzie’s agoraphobia.

It’s Ruby’s 16th birthday and while the family gather together, Ellie comes across a positive pregnancy test. After wrongly assuming her foster daughter Bex is pregnant, she prepares to confront Caitlin only to discover Ruby is the mum-to-be.

Ruby reveals she wants an abortion but Ellie urges her to reconsider – she could raise her baby with AJ. Ruby won’t be swayed and makes her way to hospital. Desperate, Ellie reveals the secret pregnancy to Caitlin who is remarkably calm – if this is what Ruby wants, she’ll respect her daughter’s decision.

As the family rush to Ruby’s side, the teenager finds herself overwhelmed by everyone’s opinion but there’s only one person she’ll listen to – Joe.

Lou’s rocked by medical test results and seeks out Eve for reassurance. Eve claims they’re routine tests, hiding the truth – Lou’s biological father has been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Torn between whether to be Lou’s mother or doctor, Eve’s lies begin to unravel as Lou pushes for the truth.

After recovering from her assault, Suzie stalls her return to work. Bernie grows suspicious about her flatmate’s behaviour who reluctantly admits she hasn’t left the house since she was attacked. Bernie’s shocked but Suzie shies away from revealing the identity of her attacker.


Ellie is played by Leah MacRae
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Eve by Victoria Liddelle
Lou by Lesley Hart
Bernie by Barbara Rafferty
Suzie by Juliet Fraser
Bex by Cora Tsang
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
AJ by Sanjeev Kohli
Joe by Douglas Rankine.

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