River City spoilers: Monday 26th August 2019

This week in Shieldinch… Lou reels from Eve’s adoption bombshell; Maggie’s stunned when she uncovers the truth about Ruby’s pregnancy; and Angus’s one-night stand makes a surprise appearance.

Lou struggles with the news that she was adopted and Eve is her biological mother. She turns to Sonny to put her mind at ease, while Dylan reassures a crestfallen Eve that Lou will come around – in time.

Desperate to take her mind off her family woes, Lou throws herself into preparing for Charlotte’s birthday party – but the adoption secret is never far from her thoughts. Dylan arrives at the party and urges Lou to listen to reason. Confused, Lou turns detective and quickly realises that Eve is telling the truth.

Elsewhere, Maggie tracks down Barry to make him face up to impending fatherhood. However, when Barry reveals he can’t be the dad, Maggie is left confused until she spots Ruby and Joe’s closeness and the penny drops.

Looking for answers, Maggie finds a photo of Joe and Ruby which confirms her worst fears. She confronts Joe who dismisses her claims, but Ruby stuns her grandmother by revealing that she and Joe are in love. Horrified, Maggie decides to tell Caitlin but her revelation takes a dangerous turn for the worst.

Angus is lost for words when his one-night stand Clare turns up unannounced. Angus doesn’t share the desire to see her again so hides in the garage, much to Bob’s amusement.


Lou by Lesley Hart
Eve by Victoria Lidelle
Maggie by Kathryn Howden
Ruby by Zindzi Hudson
Angus by Scott Fletcher
Sonny by Jimmy Chisholm
Dylan by Sean Connor
Charlotte by Daisy Veldhoven
Barry by Conor Mullen
Joe by Douglas Rankine
Caitlin by Gayle Telfer Stevens
Clare by Sally Reid
Bob by Stephen Purdon.

This episode airs Monday 26 August on BBC Scotland at 10pm

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